For most clients the project will begin with the exterior styling and it is often the stage they love most! However, developing the exterior 'styling' of a yacht is a complicated and fluid process, requiring the integration of all technical and regulatory requirements, as well as meeting the client's demanding interior space needs. All these are fighting for priority in a finite amount of space. The exterior styling has to develop alongside the general arrangement (or plan). Because of this customisation process, every yacht should be slightly different to the last.

The exterior design process begins with a period of loose sketching and concept development in conjunction with the general arrangement.

Once the owner has selected their preferred concept, BoatBuilding Design will produce a detailed 3D exterior 'computer generated' model, from which the shipyard can take accurate design information.

An increasingly sophisticated area of yachts is the exterior deck. As well as being responsible for the exterior styling of the yacht, Boat Building Design will also develop the exterior deck, seating and dining areas, as well as swimming pools or jacuzzis, and supply the yard with 3D details of all fixed furniture, seating, bars etc. We will of course select the exterior fabrics and towels for you, choose the loose exterior furniture, as well as all the tableware for outdoor life.

BoatBuilding exterior designers will liaise closely with the yard on a regular basis for the length of the build process, to supply them with information and to resolve any outstanding design issues. This is normally in the form of a monthly meeting held at the shipyard, as well as regular communication by e-mail /phone.
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